Partners are encouraged to actively participate in the Alliance.

Sign on to the Alliance 2015 policy platform here and share the document using the tools here.

Utilize organizational or personal resources to aid campaign efforts, which may include:

  • Following the legislation in the media
  • Sharing media campaigns through newsletters, websites, social media
  • Acquiring supporters through networks
  • Securing and participating in meetings with elected officials


For information on how your organization can join as a partner, please email us or sign up below:

  • Information Sharing: I’d like to be provided with information after discussion and decision-making is complete.

    Influence & Feedback:I’d like to be presented with the group’s best thinking and then I will provide feedback. I can provide specific feedback, but prefer not to be involved in all of the back and forth. Feedback will then be reviewed and incorporated as determined by the decision makers.

    Decision Making Authority: I’d like to be very involved in all actions and decisions of the Alliance. Decisions and recommendations of the Alliance are subject to the approval of this group.